OLC Feast Day - Mission Markets

Good afternoon parents,

On Wednesday 15th August we will be celebrating our Feast Day. We will begin with Mass at Our Lady of the Southern Cross Church beginning at 9.30am. You are warmly invited to attend if you can.

As a secondary part of our day we also have our annual Mission Markets - all money raised goes to support the Caritas mission and it is always a fantastic day!

This year, the Year 3D students will be hosting the 'Toilet Paper Toss' stall during this time! I have asked a couple of parents if they are able to help me with the construction...if you are able to help can you please let me know!

If I can ask all 3D families to send in:

  • 1 packet of wrapped chocolates ( Freddo Frogs, Mars Bars, Boost etc....)
  • 1 block of chocolate to be used as prizes. Please remember to choose a block that does not contain any nuts!

If you can have your chocolates in by Monday 13th August.

I will purchase toilet paper for the students to use.

For this day, we ask that you send your child in with a small amount of money to spend in smaller denominations...think 10c, 20c 50c or $1 etc. Please make sure that it is in a wallet, purse or zip loc bag that is clearly labelled.

I would really appreciate it if there are a couple of parents available to help the students man the stall and keep an eye on things. If you can please let me know if you can assist, I would be very grateful!

Mrs Delane :) 


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