Major Australian Place – Information Report

Major Australian Place – Information Report

At Home Research and Fact File due – Tuesday 14th August.
As part of our learning in Literacy and HASS, students are being asked to choose a major place in Australia and write an information report on this place.

Students will need to complete their research at home under the supervision of a parent and then turn this into a fact file. This ties into our Reading Comprehension strategy of finding the main idea and looking for important details.

Students can choose from one of the following places or a place of their own interest.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Opera House
The Twelve Apostles
Great Barrier Reef
Cape York Peninsular
Nullarbor Plain
Blue Mountains
Flinders Rangers
Bondi Beach
Daintree National Park
Parliament House
Great Victorian Desert
Coober Pedy

Students will work in class to draft their information reports and publish a good copy. Mr McSevich and I are available during lunch on a Wednesday/Thursday and recess on a Monday for anyone who needs additional help.

They will then share this with the class in a small oral presentation to their classmates beginning in Week 8 (3rd September).

Fact Files – these are to be created under the following headings. There is to be 3 facts chosen for each heading:
  • ·         Classification (Introduction – this is a general statement about their place)
  • ·         Location – Where is your place?
  • ·         Description/Features of your place
  • ·         History/Who discovered it/built it/named it?
  • ·         Did you Know? (Conclusion)

Students will be given an A3 sheet to work on, this will need to be brought to school on Tuesday 14th August so that we can begin drafting during our literacy session on this day.

Please see me if you have any questions,

Mrs Delane 


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