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Week 3 - Term 3

Good afternoon parents, 

Welcome to a very special week for the students of 3D...this week we will be hosting a whole school mass on Friday morning beginning at 9am in the Hall. It would be great to have as many of you in attendance as possible.

Whole School Mass - As mentioned above is on Friday. For those students with readings, can I please ask you to practice with them out loud throughout the week. We will also be practicing in class but I really want the children to feel confident so the more times the better!

Stationery Items - If I can ask you to please check your child's stationery...many students have no glue, scissors or pencils.

Also, as a huge fan of stationery myself I can appreciate the joy of Smiggle!! However, if you can please remind your child that funky stationery is for the purpose of completing their assigned tasks and should not be a distraction to those around them.

Sight Words - All students were retested last week and were either given a new s…

Week 2 - Term 3

Good afternoon parents,

Welcome to the week...I hope that you all survived the weather...can you believe it?!

Change of Seating -  Some of you may be aware that I have made a big change in regards to work spaces moving forward this term. I am giving the students the opportunity to choose their own work spaces instead of having allocated seating.
The reasoning behind this is that the majority of the students are very focused during our learning time and this is an opportunity to reward them.

With this in mind, Gathering Time in the morning is even busier! I am very mindful of keeping my eyes on the students to step in if there are any difficulties and to support them in making good seating choices. Please don't think I am being rude if I am not very chatty!!

Some of the rules around this are:

Choose a sensible work space.Choose to sit next to someone who helps you to be at your best and who you help to be at their best.I can be moved by Mrs Delane at any time if I am not following the ru…

Welcome to Term 3!

Good afternoon parents,

Welcome back to another busy and exciting term...I hope that you enjoyed a restful break? For those of you that were lucky enough to get away I have enjoyed hearing about some of the adventures the students got up to!

Stationery Items - Please make sure that you have updated your child's stationery items. It is quite stressful for the students when they don't have what they need and it causes quite a disruption when they are having to move around the class to borrow items. As always, please make sure it is clearly labelled.

Year 3 Class Mass - Year 3D will be leading a whole school mass on Friday 3rd August. I will be sending home copies of the readings shortly to those children that have been selected. My aim is to include as many of the students as possible and I will try my best!

Inter-school Cross Country - Notes were sent home with the relevant children today, please check their bags!

Yr 6 Confirmation Commitment and Family Mass - Is o…