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Week 9 - Term 2

Good afternoon parents,

The end of term 2 has arrived...I very jealous to hear of all of the great trips that are going to be undertaken over the coming weeks. I wish you all safe and happy travels and I look forward to hearing about all the adventures when we come back together.

What a fantastic turn out for Grandparents Day! Thank you to all the grandparents that were able to join us today...!

Just to let you know that I will be out of class tomorrow morning. I will be taking my daughter Ella to MacKillop for her uniform fitting...oh my goodness! Mrs Holt will be class for me until I return which I expect will be by Recess time.

Pupil Free Day - Monday 16th July - Just a reminder that students return to school on Tuesday 17th July.  

Readers - Can you please return all readers this week. It is important that we do a stocktake on them to make sure they are all accounted for.

Please see below the homework that has been assigned for the week.

Reading - All re…

Week 8 Has Arrived

Good afternoon Parents,

What a Day!! It has been cold and wet up here so I hope you are all keeping warm as best you can!!

I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone involved in the beautiful morning tea that was provided at the Year 4 Eucharist yesterday, the food, flowers and presentation was fantastic and very much appreciated!

Our excursion to Ngilgi Cave was absolutely fantastic last week, it was a great opportunity to get out and explore an amazing landmark and hear stories and information from Josh that are local. All the kids had a great time!

Their reflection sheets will be up for display in the coming days, this gave the students an opportunity to reflect on what they saw and enjoyed about the excursion!

We smelt a little smoky once we got the fire going!

It has been a very busy few weeks and we have some important events coming up, please see the Reminders section below.

World Refugee Lunch Day - is being held this Wednesday 20th June, your child will n…

Week 7 - Term 2

Good afternoon Parents,

Welcome to this week! It has been a blustery start to Week 7 and I hope that your pets and property have all remained safe!

What a performance on Friday night! I was so very proud of all of the children involved, I know that many of them were very nervous and it took a tremendous amount of courage to get the make up and costume on! It was even better than I expected, I have so many people comment on the joy they saw in the well done guys!

A very big thank you as well to you, the parents...without you this could not have happened. Thank you for all that you did to get them ready and here on time!

Ngilgi Cave Cultural Tour Excursion - Students in 3D will be off on Tuesday morning, please make sure you have signed and returned the permission slip sent home last week. I also popped a copy on the blog if you need it or else I have plenty spare ones in class.

Students are to wear their normal winter uniform on Tuesday. They are to bring the…

Ngilgi Cave Cultural Tour – Tuesday 12th June - Digital Copy

8th June 2018 Dear Parents, RE: Ngilgi Cave Cultural Tour – Tuesday 12th June On Tuesday 12th June, the students in Year 3 will be traveling to Ngilgi Cave to undertake a Cultural Tour with Mr Josh Whiteland.
Mr Whiteland will share some of the local Dreaming stories with the students, as well as sharing some information about the local flora and fauna found in the area.
Due to the large number of students in both classes, we will be travelling in 2 groups.
Students in 3D will leave school at 9.15am for the first session and will need to bring their hat, water bottle and recess in a small bag or backpack.
We will return to school at approximately 12pm, in time for lunch so canteen will still be available to 3D students on this day.
Students in 3M will leave at 11.45am and will need to bring their hat, lunch and water bottle in a small bag or backpack.
Students in 3M will return to school at approximately 2.45pm so they will be able to catch normal buses home.
The cost of this excursion is cov…