Welcome to week 5, hopefully everyone was able to stay fairly dry over the weekend!!  As you may be aware, Mrs D is on the Year 6 camp and Mrs Martin will be in class this week. 

Go Fish Musical/Performance Assembly - The students have been working very hard preparing for our musical 'Go Fish' and it is all coming together swimmingly!!  Caitlin and I have been discussing the work that the students have been putting into this musical and the proposed performances next week.  On this basis, these performances will constitute our class performance assemblies and we will not be having a separate performance assembly.  We will still have our class prayer assemblies.  
Performances of our musical will be next week at 1:30 on Wednesday 6 June (matinee) and at 6:30 pm on Friday 8 June.  Please, if you are available do come along, it is VERY good!! 

Tuesday 5 June Pupil Free Day - Just a reminder that next Tuesday is a pupil free day, so please do not send your child to school.

In science we have been investigating the three states of matter.  To investigate materials changing from solid to liquid then back as the material loses heat, we undertook a chocolate welding course!  Students needed to apply their design, mathematics and engineering knowledge as they built the tallest self-sustaining marshmallow tower they could, all while investigating the changes in state of chocolate.  As you can imagine the children were very excited and did a great job building and changing their designs.


Reading - All reading is to be written into their reading log, including the name of the book and number of pages and then signed by you.

Spelling - Students are to complete a LCWC of their list words for the week. 

Sight Words - If you can please work with your child to complete these every night. It is great to ask your child the definition of the word or to use that word in a sentence as well if you have time?

Mental Maths - Students are to complete Days 1-4 of Unit 15.  It is fine if students work ahead on this.

Times Tables - Activity Sheet - 10 x Times Tables. Students are asked to write out their tables in order on Monday and Tuesday nights and then complete them out of order on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Have a great week,

Mr Mc


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