Week 9 - Holy Week

Good morning parents,

Welcome to week 9 which is Holy Week, this is a very important time of the year in the Catholic faith as we remember and celebrate the events leading up to Jesus' death and resurrection.


Holy Week Reflections - Each morning the whole school will be gathering together to reflect on the events of this important week. We will have a small and reverent reflection presented by each class in the hall every morning beginning at 9am.

On Thursday 29th March, the Year 3 & 4 students will be presenting their reflection on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

There are some children that have been given a speaking part, can you please make sure that you are practicing this with your child each night. I am working with them each day and asking them to remember that they need to watch the actors on stage to make sure they are in time with each other and to make sure that they are pausing during relevant times.

Some children have been given an acting part, they will know who they are. We have sourced costumes for the guards and Mary but we are asking that all other children come dressed in a simple costume reflective of the time of Jesus. They are to wear this over the top of their school uniform and are to come to school dressed and ready to go on Thursday morning.

Easter Egg Raffle - Please make sure that you have brought in your donation for the raffle which will be held on Thursday. Your child was given their raffle tickets on Friday morning. If you would like to be in the raffle, please return one half of the tickets with your family name clearly written on each ticket and $5. I will be collecting the raffle tickets for 3D as this year we are having major prizes drawn for each year group.

All money raised during this time is donated to Project Compassion.

Parent Teacher Interviews - I have placed a schedule up on the whiteboard in class, if you can please write down your name on a time that suits. They will be held on Monday and Tuesday 9th and 10th April.

I am currently doing some testing and updating of records and work samples and am therefore unavailable to meet this week. If you can not make the times above, please send me an email and we can arrange a different time in Week 11 or early into next term. Thank you for your understanding.


In literacy we have changed genres and have begun looking at Narratives! We will spend the next few weeks discussing the purpose of a narrative - which is to entertain, the structure of a well written narrative, some of the language features used as well as what makes a good setting, character description and how to develop a really good plot!

The students had a hilarious time on Thursday with working as a group to create a story using a given sentence starter!

In maths we have been looking at 2D shapes and their properties. We also dusted off the Latin dictionary to help us with some of the prefixes that are used to give us clues on the names of shapes...ask your child about my very bad nonagon joke!

We have also begun working between the two classes on specific problem solving strategies. For the past two weeks we have been looking at the Draw a Diagram Strategy.

The students are given explicit teaching on how to use the Draw a Diagram strategy and are then given tasks for their level to complete. It has been great to see the collaboration and big thinking that has been going on during these sessions! There has also been some big sighs as well when it is hard, but it has been great to see the student persevering and working together!

In art, we finished our work on Kandinsky's circles. During this piece we discussed the use of colour, line and shape. The students were asked to create some circles that were complementary and some that were not...they look fantastic!


Please see below the homework that has been assigned for the week.

Reading - All reading is to be written into their reading log, including the name of the book and number of pages and then signed by you.

Spelling - Students are to complete a LCWC of their list words for the week. 

I ask that students do not go ahead and complete all of their LCWC in one day as this means that they are not seeing the words again until they are tested on Friday and this doesn't help with their retention of the concept being covered.

Sight Words - If you can please work with your child to complete these every night. It is great to ask your child the definition of the word or to use that word in a sentence as well if you have time?

Mental Maths - Students are to complete Days 1-4 of Unit 9. This is marked daily in class each morning. It is fine if students work ahead on this.

Times Tables - We are also asking students to write out their 3 times tables in their homework books. They are to be written as 1x3=3, 2x3=6...etc.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Have a great week,

Mrs Delane 


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