Week 7 Update

Good afternoon Parents,

I hope you enjoyed the weekend...after last one it felt a little short!


Year 3/4 Buddy Mass - On Wednesday morning we will be walking down to the Church with our buddy class the Year 4's. We will share Mass with them and the parishioners of Our Lady of the Southern Cross. Mass will begin at 9.30am, you are very welcome to join us if you can. 

Reading Books - Just a reminder that these are changed on a Monday morning. We ask that you read the book multiple times with your child...this helps them to become familiar with the text type and structure. It also helps them to gain confidence with their reading as they can identify familiar words.

Holy Week - We will be coming together each day during Holy Week to share a reflection on one of the key milestones of this important time. The Year 3 students will be presenting on Thursday 29th March beginning at 9am in the Hall. 

This is a combined effort between the Year 3 and 4 classes. Further information will follow in regards to costuming and reading parts if applicable. 


The past couple of weeks have been spent busily working on planning and drafting a persuasive piece of writing on either a topic of their choice or in following my given example. This has been a challenging task for the students as it has been looking at putting the whole thing together.

In maths we have been looking at collecting and interpreting data. We have had great fun conducting surveys and then showing this data through the use of a list, tally or picture graph. We have also been representing this data through column graphs as well. We have learned about each others number of siblings, favourite hobbies, animal and colour as well as favourite meal and birth order in their family. 

In art last week we combined with the other year 3 class and worked in groups whilst we looked at exploring shadows through movement and colour. The students loved the opportunity to colour the bricks using chalk to outline and colour their creative shadows!


Please see below the homework that has been assigned for the week.

Reading - All reading is to be written into their reading log, including the name of the book and number of pages and then signed by you.

Spelling - Students are to complete a LCWC of their list words for the week. 

I ask that students do not go ahead and complete all of their LCWC in one day as this means that they are not seeing the words again until they are tested on Friday and this doesn't help with their retention of the concept being covered.

Sight Words - If you can please work with your child to complete these every night. It is great to ask your child the definition of the word or to use that word in a sentence as well if you have time?

Mental Maths - Students are to complete Days 1-4 of Unit 7. This is marked daily in class each morning. It is fine if students work ahead on this.

Please see the link below for assistance if needed.

Unit 7 - Friendly Jumps Subtraction 

Times Tables - We are also asking students to write out their 4 times tables in their homework books. They are to be written as 1x4=4, 2x4=8...etc.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Have a great week,

Mrs Delane 


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