3D Class Expectations

Dear Parents,
Here are the class expectations that we have put together for our class this year. We had a fantastic conversation in which the students identified key areas to be mindful of and it was great to see that they aligned with our school values.
I would appreciate it if you could take some time to discuss these with your child. Any behavioural issues will be brought back to these class expectations in our discussions.
Class Expectations
In 3D we agree that it is important to:
·       Be compassionate towards others and share what we have.
·       Show appreciation for ourselves and others by moving safely 
around the classroom and being careful with our furniture.
·       Respect others by raising our hand and waiting our turn to speak.
·       Be respectful to others by using our manners at all times.
·       Show respect for others by keeping our hands to ourselves 
and respecting the property of others.
·       Show respect for our own learning and the learning of others 
by not disturbing others when they are working.
·       Show excellence when we try our best and help our friends to be at their best.
·      Show excellence when we treat others as we would like to be treated.
    Thank you for your ongoing support,

    Mrs Delane 


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