Week 1 Has Begun!

Good afternoon parents,

Thank you for having your children so well organised for the year! It was great to meet so many of you today.

I hope that you enjoyed the day and maybe had a chance to check a few jobs off the list...we had a great start to the term in Year 3 and I am confident this will continue! I am sure that they will sleep well tonight...there was a lot to get through!!

Homework - 

I sent home a copy of the reading log and the 'Letter to Mrs Delane' sheet with your child today. Some students did not have scrapbooks with them today so they are not glued in currently. 

I will make sure that it is all glued in with your child tomorrow. If you have their homework book at home, please feel free to assist them with gluing these in.

Reading - the students are asked to read a book of their choice for 10 minutes (or longer if they are loving it) and then write it in their reading log and bring it to you to sign.

It is expected that they will complete their reading log Monday - Thursday evenings.

Letter to Mrs Delane - this is a fun activity that your child can do to help me get to know them a little better. This is due on Monday 5th February.

Swimming Lessons - a reminder that these start on Wednesday 7th February (Week 2).

Class Dojo - I will be using Class Dojo in class to reward and correct behaviour. Your child will be bringing home a copy of the parent code that you can use to connect to see how your child is going. You can have multiple children on the Class Dojo system as each parent code is unique to your child.

Once again, welcome to 3D, enjoy the blue super moon tonight!!

Mrs Delane 


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