Week 7

Good afternoon parents,

Please see below for a few reminders for the coming week.

Laptop Intention Forms - These were due today...if you have not already returned your form, can you please send it in with your child tomorrow. I have spares if you have misplaced yours.

Stationery - If you can please check in with your child if they need any stationery - please ask them about exercise books...we are running out and won't have any more to give.  

Gathering Time - Just a reminder that this is an important time for the students to get themselves organised for the day. It is very helpful if you can get them to school as close to 8.30am as possible. In light of them moving into Year 4 next year, we do ask that you encourage your child to be as independent as possible with getting their own chairs, books and belongings sorted.

Reading - If you can please make sure that your child is reading out loud to you each night. 
Spelling - Students are to complete a LCWC of their list wo…

Week 6 Update

Good morning parents,

Welcome to the week...I am sure that you are all exhausted after a very busy fete weekend! Thank you to our class reps for all their hard work coordinating everything and a huge thank you to you all for all your hard work!

Sickness - The dreaded tummy bug (I get so nervous I can't even call it Gastro!) has started to make the rounds here at OLC after having a huge impact at Dunsborough Primary. I am very mindful of how unpleasant this can be to be sick in this way at school so please know that if your child comes to me to mention that they are feeling unwell in the tummy I will ask Mrs Marrell to ring you. I would hate to ask them to wait and then for them to be sick. I am reminding the students to be washing their hands before they eat in an attempt to limit the spread.

I do know that it can be very hard to organise at times, but I ask you to keep your child at home if they have experienced any associated symptoms to limit the spread of this h…

Welcome to Week 5

Good afternoon parents,

Welcome to another fantastic week...the year is just slipping by. My kids have the Friday countdown to Christmas happening not ready!

Year 4 1:1 Device Parent Information Night - This is on this Thursday 8th November beginning at 6pm. This will give you the information about the device needed for your child moving into Year 4 next year. It would be great if one or both parents are able to attend.

Stationery Items - If I can ask you to please check in with your child if they need any stationery items - there are a lot of students needing glue at the moment...they are as rare as hens teeth! Please take a moment to update their pencil case, I do know it is the end of the term but it creates a lot of stress for the students when they don't have what they need and are then relying on others to help them out.

Remembrance Day Service - We will be having a small commemorative service on Friday 9th November beginning at 10.40am in the hall…

Protecting the Western Ringtail Possum - Vet Visit

Good afternoon parents,

This morning we were lucky enough to have Dr Felicity Bradshaw from the Dunsborough Vet Clinic and Mrs Sasha Boundy a local Wildlife carer come in to talk to us about the critically endangered Western Ringtail Possum.

This was a fantastic initiative facilitated by Sophie Scanlon in which the ladies saw an opportunity to speak to the students about the features of the possums found in the area, what they eat, some of the dangers they face and most importantly how we can help.

The students had a fantastic time learning all about the possums...there was a sneaky visitor around the place...his name was Boris but he was a little shy!

One of the main points of interest was how we could protect them. Some of the ideas included: being involved in local tree planting sessions - there is one being held on Sunday 3rd November from 10.30am - 12pm in the Windlemere Reserve. If you would like to come along and help out, please contact Danae Plowman on 0405 725 118.keep our cats a…

Welcome to Week 3!

Good afternoon parents,

We are into Week 3 which has snuck up on us! 

We are looking forward to our Reconciliation celebration on Wednesday night beginning at 6pm at Our Lady of the Southern Cross Church. Please see below for some important information.

Arrival Time & Dress - Please be at the Church by 5.45pm. 

Your child is to be dressed in smart casual clothing. Upon arrival they will show you to your seat. Please be mindful that some of the pews are quite small so it will be for immediate family only (parents/siblings). There will be room in the choir loft for additional family members.

Prayer Buddies - All prayer buddies are expected to attend...please let me know via email if you are unable to attend.

Rehearsals - We will be walking down to the Church on Tuesday afternoon from 1.30 - 2.45pm and then again on Wednesday 11.30- 1.30pm - please make sure your child brings a packed lunch for Wednesday as we will eat down at the churc…

Welcome to Week 2!

Good afternoon parents,

Welcome to another week of learning in 3D. I enjoyed a fantastic weekend at Donnelly River for Family Camp 2018...we were so blessed with the weather. It only rained a little early in the morning and at night which is quite a contrast to the weather that you had on Saturday! This is one of the friendly locals who joined me on the porch...after my daughter had accidentally spilt half of a 5kg bag of birdseed all over it!

The view from my balcony...a perfect spot to have a cuppa and watch the kids ride around and around and around! If you haven't had a chance to attend yet, I highly recommend it. This is a fantastic experience for the families of OLC and a very special tradition...the washing and scrapes and bumps I can do without but a wonderful weekend!

Hats - Please make sure your child is bringing their hat each day!

SAFE Colouring Competition - Submissions for this is due on Monday 22nd October. If your child would like to submit one, pleas…

Welcome Back

Good morning parents,

Welcome back for our final term...I hope that you had a chance to enjoy a slower pace over the last couple of weeks. I enjoyed not making lunches and ironing uniforms for sure!

It has to be said that the highlight of the holidays was watching the AFL Grand was a cracker game and watching the Eagles come back to win in the last minutes was awesome! I am sure the whole town heard me yelling!!!

In our PD session yesterday, as a staff we spent the day examining our knowledge and ideas about Mary. It was a very interesting day and I learnt a lot about Mary as a person and as Jesus' mother. I identify with her as a role model as a mother and as a woman. She was strong and capable and lived through some very difficult times - including the loss of her child.

Mrs Ricciardone and I spent the afternoon working on a display that will help to share some of this information about Mary as well as sharing our understanding of the Rosary and how to pray it with the st…